Why A Hockey Website for Women?

Posted on September 22, 2011 by

Sometimes we even like to get out and play a game of hockey ourselves! :)

Aren’t there enough hockey blogs out there in internet land? Do we really need a hockey blog just for women? What do Women know about hockey anyway?

Actually, quite a lot.

We of the feminine persuasion are just as crazy as our testosterone filled partners. We are right there along side the men with beers in our nicely manicured hands. We cheer just as loud and jump just as high for our teams. And we look better jumping!

We’d like to share the love of the game with other women. No matter if you are new to the game or an old pro, feel free to ask questions or comment on games and know you are safe here from tirades. We will not call you names because of your sex and we will not make fun of you for any question you may ask. Even if its dumb. :-) You are safe here to love the game of hockey and share your thoughts.

Mary, Noreen and I created this blog because we are 3 very different hockey women. Noreen started out with the original 6 and followed the Montreal Canadiens for years until her move to the west coast and now coming back to the game she loved. Mary is a noob.  She is learning and mostly asking questions. It’s refreshing to see the game through new eyes. Myself, well, I’m a fan. Some might say a little over the top fan, a crazy Kings lover. And they are right.

So we will blog about the LA Kings and all the wonderful stories and news and hopefully you will join us!

Go! Kings! Go!

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