Drew Doughty! All is Forgiven!

Posted on September 29, 2011 by

Word is Drew Doughty signed for 8 years, 56 million. Which is a 7 million dollar cap hit per year. (per McKenzie at TSN)

I’m good with that.

Actually, I’m crying happy tears right now.

Funny how we all yelled at him, told him he was greedy, called him a child, etc. After one second he signs, we love him again. He is forgiven.

Why? Because he is ours. There is a saying if someone is a bitch or a bastard, but they are your friend, its He is “our” bastard. That’s Drew. Call him what you want, but whatever name you call him, he is ours.

Drew the greedy bastard is ours! Right on!

All other teams thinking they had a chance with him can now go cry in their beer and see ya at the playoff byatches!!!!!


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