Kings supply the Avs a 6-0 beatdown

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It sucked not being able to see the game last night. It was only on 1150 am internet radio with Darryl and Nick. One thing that was funny was Nick called out a Kings player that just fell down while skating. Hubby and I both said “Brown” at the same time. Then Nick comes back on and lets everyone  know the player was Brown. LOL! (For those who don’t know, Brown falls a lot – but I go with “it’s because he is going balls out” and not because he is a crappy skater).

Kopitar got a hat trick, Voynov, Richardson and Williams each had one. This was good stuff! Drew who? :-)

Rich Hammond on talked with Kopitar regarding his goals. He said: KOPITAR: “There were a couple of almost freebie ones there, the one on the side of the net there. But I’ll take those too. It’s been a while since I scored a goal, so it’s nice to get a few on the board, for sure.’’

You know what I said? Where is Duchene? I mean remember Duchene? I heard him out there last night on the radio and I wonder if that’s all that Colorado has?  Hedjuk is old and Statsny is good, but Voymov is mediocre. If that’s it, we will kill Avalanche on Saturday in Vegas. Kinda sad. Colorado and Detroit used to be the teams the Kings hated most. Now its more the Nucks and Sucks.

Go! Kings! Go!

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