Westgarth and the “clapping” controversy

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Every morning I get my coffee and sit down at the computer to read my hockey blogs. I hit all the Kings blogs, the nhl sites and then my message board. Over the past season and still going,  I have heard people bring up how after Kevin Westgarth fights,  he claps as he is led into the sinbin.   Some ignore him but most have a negative reaction to that. It was brought back up again this morning and I figured I needed to talk about it.

Why the hate for clapping?

I think this is a male thing. It’s not manly? I haven’t really heard any female fan even care about this. But then again, we grew up with girl’s softball and that’s pretty much a cheerleading squad that plays ball. Female teams are also very encouraging of each other. We yell and clap to encourage and support our sisters. So the clapping thing just doesn’t bother us.

So why does Westy do this? Why does he clap after the fight? I’ve come to a few conclusions:

1. Westy claps because it started in squirt and he never grew 0ut of it.

2. Westy claps because he is so happy with his performance that he cheers for his efforts.

3. Westy claps to piss off the opponent.

The first two conclusions are stupid. Let’s look at # 3. Westgarth is a Princeton boy. You think he is some dolt just sitting in front of 18,000 fans clapping like a fool for himself? You think he comes home to his (new) wife and she takes one look at that swollen stitched up face and said “did you have fun tonight Westy?” and he grins at her with a missing tooth and one good eye and jumps up and down saying “did you see me? wasn’t I great?”

No. That is not happening. What I believe (and that is the operative word here) is that Westgarth fights with some guy like Engelland, Scott, King or Bissonnette and then he claps as he gets into the cage. What do you think the guy he just fought is thinking? If you are a girl, you think he is cheering for himself (can’t let that softball team spirit go) but if you are male, that is going to make you see red. You just gave the fight of your life and he is clapping? I’m betting that player is not going to just shake his head and let it go. No, he is going to be even more distracted.

So when you get all mad about Westy clapping, think of the “why” he is doing it. Remember, he is probably smarter than us. So I’ll go with the belief that he is just extending that fight in a mental manner – Just to piss someone off.

Go! Kings! Go!

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