Hockey Q & A – Icing, It’s simple! except for….

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Mary, my sister and our resident hockey newbie, has written her observations on abbreviations and hockey questions. I have to say I enjoyed it very much, cracked me up! But, at the same time, I’ve heard from others when talking hockey, some of the stats and penalties, etc can get confusing. As with everything, once you do it (or for the fans – watch it) you will come to understand.

First off, a couple of the most common abbreviations for you and then we’ll talk about icing in an easy to understand way. Well, as easy as icing explanations can be:

GP – Games played

W – Wins

L – Loses

T – Ties

OTL – Overtime loss (also OL)

GF – Goals for

GA – Goals against

PTS – Points

Icing – A player shoots the puck (dumps it) over the center red line and past the goal line. It crosses two red lines.

That’s it. That is icing. If this were allowable, the team could just keep dumping and pretty much hold up the game. The penalty for icing is the puck is brought back to the icing team’s end and the face off is by the goalie. This could lead to a goal against you so you don’t want to ice the puck.

Sounds simple enough…EXCEPT!!!!!!!!! Ugh, here is where whenever you ask someone about icing they go get a beer, get busy, need to pee, etc. It’s just the exceptions to the rule that can make it complicated. Again, the more you watch, the more you can figure out the call.

Exception # 1 – If the team that is icing the puck is shorthanded (killing a penalty) they are allowed to ice the puck with no penalties.

Exception # 2 – No icing if  the defender touches the puck before it goes over the goal line. BUT! there will also be no icing called if the defender COULD have touched the puck before it went over the line. Like he watches it go over so the puck will be brought down to the icing team’s zone.

Exception # 3 – If the puck is iced from the faceoff.

Exception # 4 – Ok, stay with me. The icing is not called if the offensive player (the team who iced the puck in the first place) gets to the puck before a defensive player can touch it. This is called “no touch” icing. So if one of the offensive players touches the puck first, play continues.

I think there are a few more and if you want to know them all you can read the official NHL rules. But these are the main ones. One More Thing About Icing! If you ice the puck, your team cannot change players.

See, that wasn’t so bad was it? Next Q & A, we’ll tackle offsides. (evil laughter).

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