Kings Beat Dallas – 2 down, 4 to go

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What a great game last night. Kings beat Dallas 5-3 so now we have won the first two of our 6 meets this season. Voynov was awsome. Usually he is so serious. This was the first time I’ve seen him smile! Congratulations on your first NHL goal… and your second one too!




Poor Matt Greene stopped a puck with his forhead and required 54 stitches. Of corse in typical hockey player fashion, he was back out soon after to finish the game. I really don’t know what the Kings are going to do about Voynov. Some people say to trade Greene and keep Slav up. My 2 cents – Voynov is great and very young, send him back down to Manchester when Drew comes back and bring him up next season or at trade deadline when we make a trade. Which defensemen to trade? I’d like to keep them all, but really you can’t have 20 D men on the ice because you love them all. Is Voynov better than Martinez? Right now, I don’t think so. Give him another season down and let’s come back to this in a year. How’s that for cowardice on my part?




Quick played great. I was happy to see that they had a picture of the shot when Quick blocked it and it flipped up in the air and Quicky caught it. I loved that catch!!!




* I noticed Richards, Voynov, Kopitar, Williams and Brown tonight.

* I did notice Penner out on that 3rd line. He played well tonight. Thing is, we are paying him for scoring. He won’t do it there. He needs to move back up and just stand in front of the net. Take Smyths place. Allthough did you see Brownie do that tonight for the goal with Voynov? Loved it!

* Parse had a goal tonight. I like Parse. I’m just not sure where he fits with Moreau and Hunter in the line up. We;ll see after the season if he stays and they go. At least Hunter will go.

* I hate our 5 on 3. I have to go look it up, but I bet we have the worst one in the NHL right now.

The Stars get a break from us for a month. We will meet them again on Nov 23rd where we will again dominate.

Go! Kings! Go!

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