Kings lose in shoot-out, 3-2

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Richards crushes!

The Kings lost to the Penguins in a shoot out last night at Staples. It was amazing we went to a shoot out. Quick was so upset after Kunitz scored on him to win the game, he smashed his stick against the goal. All I could think of was it was Quick’s great goaltending last night that even got us to a shoot out. The score could have been a lot worse is Quick was having one of his off nights. In the third period, Quick did mess up when he poked the puck right in front which led to the Pens goal to tie. If he had covered it, I think we would have won that game. I’m not blaming Quick, without him I think the score could have been very lopsided, but when you play a very talented team, one mistake can cost the game. These guys didn’t get in the NHL by their looks. They are seriously great athletes and it would be nice if we scored more so that one mistake wouldn’t take us out of contention.

Besides all the horrific band wagoner Pens fans at the game last night, I thought we played pretty well. Lets face it, Pittsburgh is playing great hockey right now and that’s why they are 3rd in the league with points. Kopitar is so good that after he scored, I just turned to the guy next to me and said “wow, he is so good” and the stupid Pens fan had to agree. Gagne played well, I noticed him out there giving it his all. Brownie did his plowing through offense (which I love) and showed no fear. Richards cracks me up. I had no idea this guy had such a temper! The refs really sucked last night and Richards let them have it. I appreciated that.

Ok, we got one point. We have lost 4 games in a row. We could have made 8 points but came out with 2. Not good. I hate November. But I’m not worried and you shouldn’t be either. We are too good to go down. We’ll make the playoffs and get knocked out. I see us only advancing. It will be an interesting season this year. Will the team mesh? Will Murray keep his job? Will Penner score? So much excitement to be had!

Go! Kings! Go!

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