The Bandwagon Fan – A total disgrace!

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From the Urban Dictionary: (also could be for Detroit fans too)

7. bandwagon fan 46 up32 down
a pittsburgh sports fan.
“We won the stanley cup!!!! Has any other team ever won it in their first 5 years of existence??” 
“Dude the pens have been around since the 60s you bandwagon fan.”


Pens fan with a dutchboy haircut last night. Really?



I’m pretty serious about this issue actually. This is one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog. I am very happy when someone begins their journey as a fan. This is exciting! Especially for women. Becoming a fan is a little harder for the female than the male. I’m not being sexist here, just real. Although women are into sports more than ever, a lot of women become fans because of their boyfriends or a male friend takes them to a game, etc.

Hockey is the best game played. Period. Its a physical game, not one for the faint of heart. Learning the rules and players take time and a bit of effort before you can understand all you need to in order to absorb the game. I have always supported and will continue to never make fun or ignore a new fan wanting to learn the game. Especially us ladies! We need to stick together! Nothing is better in this world than sitting around with a bunch of hockey fans and knowing what the hell you are talking about. haha.

So why the hate for bandwagon fans? Simply they are a disgrace to real fans. A Bandwagon fan, like most of the Pen jersey wearing freaks last night, only care about a team because they are popular. Or they only show interest when a team wins. This is bad enough of your own team, but what about all those so called Pen’s fans at Staples last night? Do you seriously think that there are that many Pittsburgh hockey loving fans that moved to LA recently and all have new jerseys? They were a disgrace to real Pittsburgh fans. Making them look like asses all over the place. I was embarrassed for the authentic fans.

You say, but what if they are just new fans? ok, let’s tackle the real issue that bugs me the most. If they are a new fan, they would become a fan of their HOME TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t become a new fan of say, the Toronto Maple Leafs when you live in LA! Unless you are BORN IN PITTSBURGH and have followed the Penguins all your life, you should not be wearing a Pens jersey at all.

Part of being a fan is supporting your home team. IMPORTANT- read this sentence again. When I watch my team, the Los Angeles Kings, it’s because they are my home team, my neighborhood players, my city’s athletes. I support them and my city by going to games, buying the King’s merchandise, going to King’s functions and giving to their charities. That is what makes me a fan. A real fan. I happen to have been a fan for many many years, but you can also be a real fan even if you just start. And you start by supporting your home team wherever you live.

Let’s take a look at what I had to put up with last night:



Yup, thousands of Malkin and Crosby jersey’s. You know they just bought them before the game.







Over at the RoyalHalf , they talk about this guy as a famous Pens supporter. I guess his name is malkinmania and he doesn’t bother me. He is obviously a serious follower of his team. He looks totally ridiculous but that’s the Penguins for you…





This pens fan wore yellow cords with his jersey. Color coordinated his pants and Penguin jersey. With cords. There is nothing else to say.







Hubbypat with his sweet movember goatee stache combo thing. He just wanted to do a mustache but I talked him into the whole goatee thing. He said he didn’t live in the 909, but gave in. I think it will last only through a day or two more. The stache will stay though.

* He is overseeing his domain – haha





***BTW, I met a few female King’s fans last night after the game at the Taco Truck. Jen and friends! Howdy! Hope to see you again at the truck,  lol.  It was nice talking with all of you,  sorry I can’t remember all the names!***

Go! Kings! Go!

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