Kings lose 5th straight

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I love Anze Kopitar.

We came out great against San Jose in the first and then the whole team left the stadium except Kopitar. Kopitar should win a medal or something for having to put up with this crappy playing. I remember when my son would get a bad team and he could hardly wait until the next hockey session to see if it was better. Just kinda wrote that one off. I wonder if Kopitar is doing that too?




He fights so hard against other players. His strength is the strength of many!







Only player I feel good about the wrap-around. 



Besides Kopitar being a Hockey-God, we did have a few other positive notes from the game last night:

* Penner really tried to score. He was trying very very hard the first period – then he went home I think, didn’t see him after that

* Drew played well, I know there have been worries about how he missed pre-season and camp and that he may NEVER be good again, But wait! He is Drew, and he is fine and will be. The Kings must re-sign Mitchell. That duo is a terror to other teams

* Jack Johnson still can send a laser beam of a shot through traffic to score

Well, that is one out of six with San Jose and hopefully we will be playing better next time when we vs them or at least have a new coach. If not, I give Willie Mitchell permission to do this to every Shark player from now on:

Go! Kings! Go!

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