There is only One reason to wear another team’s jersey to the game…

Posted on December 3, 2011 by

and that is because you are on a mission flying around North American following your team to all 30 arenas. Or if you are the Royal Half following the Kings to Europe. Then you can wear your King’s jersey in another team’s home.

If you have read this blog before, you probably know how I feel about band-wagoners. If not, you can read about it here and be enlightened. These are the low life so-called pseudo hockey fans who come to Staples in another team’s sweater. You may say, “But you said before if we were born there is was ok”. Well, I take it back! I was giving everyone of those two-faced weak fans a way to put on a jersey they bought online and wear it to our house!

And then I woke up today thinking about going to the King’s game with Mary and how much fun it will be. I thought about playing the Canadiens and how jealous Noreen is. I thought about all those stupid frenchies who will be sitting around me. I thought about how many of them were born in Montreal and it hit me:

I was born in Montreal. I am a Canadian. My family are Montreal fans from way back. But I WILL NOT BE WEARING A MONTREAL JERSEY. No, I will be in my Brownie jersey proudly rooting for the KINGS! Why? Why not root for the team where I was born?

Because I live in California. I live in Los Angeles. The Kings are my HOME team! I will proudly wear my King’s jersey today to Staples and know that my fellow King’s fans are truly the only real fans there today.

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