All we need is love – la la la la la

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Remember when you were little and you were playing a game, doesn’t matter which game, and you sucked and got hurt and someone called you a name and your mom took you out after for ice cream?

Remember when everyone got something you didn’t? Like the cool new game,  the sweetest pair of shoes, boobs, and you were left behind with nothing? And your dad would come in and give you a hug and told you that those shoes were ugly?

Remember when just recently you couldn’t afford the same things the Jones’ have anymore? And your wife said she didn’t care?

That was love.

Shake it out King’s fans. Stand up and give your shoulders a shake and keep shaking until you are all shook up! Take a deep breath and let it go.

I want all of you to be that mom or dad, wife, husband,  or friend that makes it OK.

Yes, I know that they are paid athletes and we shouldn’t coddle them, but let’s be honest. Sometimes we need coddling. These are really just kids you know. Most are in their 20′s. What were you doing in your 20′s? did you work your ass off to make it into the NHL? These guys dont’ want to lose. They don’t want to let you down. We know they can do it. We know they can play. We know they can be the top team in the league. But they don’t know this right now. That’s where you come in.

You are making out Christmas cards right? or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. Get one of those holiday cards out and send it to the King’s – care of Dustin Brown. Or Kopitar or Richards. Write a little ditty about how you are behind them and mail it.

Can you imagine what would happen if the King’s received a bunch of cards from fans telling them its ok? It would be like a huge ice cream cone.

Or email them. Just do something positive and let’s see if the positivity can turn this team around. Sound crazy?

Thank goodness the ones who loved us didn’t think it was crazy to share a little love with us when we needed it.



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