Game Preview – Kings v Wings

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You think my cartoons are mean today? You have no idea of what butt heads the Wing’s fans can be.  Read this is from a Wings Blog:

“It’s going to be no mercy…no holds barred…falls count anywhere…beat the crap out of the Kings inside of a steel cage and crush their hopes and dreams because, damnit, the Wings can.

The Kings are a wounded animal right now and the Red Wings know it. Put that animal out of it’s misery and collect two points.”

This is the mentality of the Red Wing’s fans. They are so collectively narcissistic  that this mindset spreads across the country and puts on a Red jersey in Los Angeles.  And thinks its ok! Plus, you know they have never even been to Detroit, least of all Michigan.  Sometimes I wish I was a guy,  played hockey, and made the NHL  just so I could play against them and punch Berdouchy in the face. Best thing about the NHL realignment? Detroit in our house only once a year. Woo!


Can I get a big fat Ugh? UGH! Can I get a giant moan? MOAN! Can I get any other team to play today? OK, ok. I’ll stop. It’s just with all that is happening to the team like no coach and  starting to get the game back a wee bit, it would have been nice to play someone else. Any where else too. The thought of our boys in the Joe Louis Arena with all those crazy Wings fans makes me mad. I only hope that there are a few King’s fans there and that we leave them with ZERO points tonight!



This is the second of our four meetings with the Red Wings this season. We lost the first one 4-1 at home. I hated that game. We had a suite so that is why we lost. Every time we have a suite, the Kings lose. I promise to never go in one again! Our overall win last season was Kings 3 to Detroit’s one lousy win.

Here are a few points for today’s game:

  • Loktionov is out and Hunter is in so Lewis will center Richardson and Hunter.
  • Richards is still feeling concussion symptoms and will not play. He skated today but no contact.
  • Mitchell will not play tonight but may play the next game on the road.
  • Scuderi’s wife is ready to pop with a little Scuderi so if she goes into labor, he will leave to fly home.
  • Quick in goal.
Remember King’s fans : The most dangerous animal is a wounded one.  

Kings Line Up:

#25 Penner – # 11 Kopitar – # 14 Williams

# 12 Gagne – #28 Stoll  – # 23 Brown

# 15 Richardson– # 22 Lewis – #47 Hunter

# 13 Clifford – # 24 Fraser – # 19 Westgarth

# 8 Doughty – # 7 Scuderi

# 44 Dreweski –# 27 Martinez

# 22 Greene – # 3 Johnson

# 32 Quick

# 45 Bernier

Detroit Red Wings
#93 Johan Franzen – #13 Pavel Datsyuk – #44 Todd Bertuzzi
#51 Valtteri Filppula – #40 Henrik Zetterberg – #26 Jiri Hudler
#8 Justin Abdelkader – #43 Darren Helm – #11 Danny Cleary
#20 Drew Miller – #48 Cory Emmerton – #96 Tomas Holmstrom

#5 Nicklas Lidstrom – #18 Ian White
#55 Niklas Kronwall – #23 Brad Stuart
#4 Jakub Kindl – #52 Jonathan Ericsson

#35 Jimmy Howard
#29 Ty Conklin

Go! Kings! Go!

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