Kings vs Redwings – an Observation

Posted on December 17, 2011 by

O.K. let’s get it over with. We lost..  However, the Kings played their hearts out. My observation is  if they can skate and play like that against a fast paced motivated team like Detroit, why can’t they do the same when they play a weaker team. It seems to me that you are only as good as your opponent forces you to be. Let’s say the Kings played the Ducks tonight and they stayed on the ice fast and furious like they did against Detroit, the Ducks would be so much toast, you could smell the burn for a hundred miles. Even Brown did not fall down as often as he usually does. Motivation makes you stay upright and those babies of ours really tried to stay upright tonight. So let’s move on to Toronto and somebody, please, please tell our guys to play as fast and furious as they did tonight.

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