L.A. Kings – A Worthy Opponent

Posted on December 29, 2011 by

Yes, I know we lost tonight but I don’t care. We have a cohesive team playing hockey. They played tonight the way they played last night. Tough, competitive and with their hearts. I saw a moment when the new coach, Sutter, tapped Bernier on the shoulder and I swear I could hear him saying to Bernier, “I know you can do this”. Good for our boy Bernier, he was on his toes tonight and played as well as I have seen from him  this season.

I will leave the technical comments to Tracykingslover and Hockeyjockey. I will only say that there were fewer penalties in this game than I have seen previously and that, dear ladies, smacks of good hockey and lots of thinking on the part of the players.

The “Go Jets” chant didn’t do much to spur their team on to greatness and as a matter of fact it was kind of irritating to these old ears. Oh well, if it makes them happy, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I can hardly wait for Saturday night when we play another Canadian team that we love to hate. GO KINGS!!!

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