A Few Notes on the Vancouver Game

Posted on January 2, 2012 by

These Nuck fans were in line and we were taking pics of everyone around us. They all gave a big smile. hahahahahahaha…so priceless. And then after the game, they all met in the 100′s across from us and sang and chanted. Not sure what they were doing. It was really strange.



I tried to get a picture of Gene Simmons but I never got a good shot of him. I know I should have waited with my camera but the game was on and I’d forget about him. I just want to say I’m truly sorry for missing the opportunity to take the pic. Its not like he would stick his tongue out or something anyway…



I did get a pic of Bailey picking up on Gene’s daughter or wife. He was there with both of them but I couldn’t tell which was which – they looked the same. Botox works!





Just a few notes:

  • Lewis looked great. I mean it. When he was with Lokti and the two of them skating down the ice, well, it looked like speed skating! I hope Sutter gives these two more time together. They could really turn the speed up and solidify a permanent spot on the second line.
  • Vancouver fans don’t suck as much when you win. They were pretty quiet around us. But then again, we were verbal beasts out there! Yeah section 101!!!
  • I liked the Richards – Kopi – Brown for first line. I think Richards and Kopitar are quite deadly together. You can tell their level of play is so much higher than others. Remember playing or having your kids play? You just play with the best and you try harder and learn more. The others could learn a lot from those two.
  • Quick was solid. His stick handling sucks butt though.

All in all, a really fun great New Years Eve. So Happy New Year Kings fans and let’s have a wonderful 2012!

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