Thanks LA Kings for Meet the Players!

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Well, I had the best time ever! This was my first year as a STH and so my first Meet the Players. Other fans had previously said to leave early so I left work super early with my co-worker (hubby had to work) and got there around 4:30. We were the first hundred or so in line and chatted with everyone so that was fun.



When they let us in, we went to Anze line first and were right up front. Kings Vision was in our face with the lights, so I think my co-worker will be in that with Anze. They guy doing the video yells “you’re going to be in Kings Vision!” and Anze says under his breath that he should have probably shaved. LOL. Got Anze, Clifford and Martinez all in one shot and was able to thank them and talk a bit. At first I thought Martinez looked like he didn’t want to be there, but when we talked to him he just smiled and laughed and talked for a min – super nice!




Next we went to Williams and Lotki and Voynov. Williams was yawning, he looked really tired, but of course he was very nice. I said “pri-VET” (hi) to Voynov and Lotki (I’m such a geek) but they were really nice and said it back to me in Russian too. I think those two were the nicest of all the players. They both said they were very happy to be there and didn’t think it was weird at all.





Richards and Lewis were next and Richards wanted to go home! He was nice and patient, but I think his hand was cramping about then and he was done. lol. Lewis was very polite. So we figured that was it for the guys but we wanted JJ’s sig. So I thought we should try.







We did and they signed for everyone even when we saw a lot of the players leaving they stayed. got Hunter’s sig and boy was he happy to be there! Just a really nice guy.





JJ was terrific. I don’t say terrific very often but he was that! We asked him to sign on my hubby’s jersey with the MF and he laughed and did! it says Jack MF Johnson on there. Just one of the nicest people ever!





(Blurry – sorry)

We went to Brownie and he was so shy. I can see why sometimes people think he is off standish but once you see him and talk to him, he is just so shy. Very nice though.




I have no complaints. I just loved every minute of it. All together leaving early from work until we got home was about 6 hours. I got 11 sigs and pics and met nice people. Wonderful.

Here are a few more pics to share:





















Mitchell and Fraser







Scuderi and Doughty






And our jersey’s!!!

Hubbypat’s jersey. Notice the MF on Johnson’s. So sweet!










Mine <3




I met HockeyJockey and talked with Megums, saw a few old friends and talked to new ones. I can’t wait for next year when I can get the rest of the guy’s signatures! Thanks Kings!

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