L.A. Kings Hockey – Practice Pics, Pennercakes and Fantasy Hockey lessons learned

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One of our readers, HockeyJockey, sent me a few pictures from the King’s practice last week. This was before they left for the current road trip. What is fun about these pics are the players are doing a one time cross ice  and shoot on net drill and doing it over and over and over. This was Feb 1, 2012 and at the game that night vs Columbus, they did indeed make a goal doing this very drill out on the ice! Practice works folks, it’s right there on the scoresheet to prove it. Here are the pics. A BIG THANKS to HockeyJockey for sharing them with us:



Dustin Brown







Anze Kopitar






Trevor Lewis








Andrei Loktionov






another of Anze









Drew Doughty getting ready  for practice



Dustin Penner and pancakes. Will this ever go away? I hope not! Just a little fun and silliness in our daily hockey life. Anyway, Penner has gotten together with IHOP for a fundraiser for KingsCare Foundation. They are presenting “Panakes with Penner” on February 13, 2012. Here is a little info from the King’s website. Please go to the above link to read more:

LOS ANGELES – On the heels of his well-publicized “Pancakegate” incident, Los Angeles Kings forward Dustin Penner is inviting Kings fans to join him for an IHOP® pancake breakfast benefitting the Kings Care Foundation. 

“Pancakes with Penner” will give 75 lucky fans and a guest the opportunity to join him for a buffet breakfast complete with pancakes, bacon and eggs, and a glass of orange juice or IHOP’s Never Empty Coffee Pot® at the Westchester IHOP, located at 8600 S. Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles, on Monday, February 13, from 8-10 a.m. 

Penner was hit with back spasms as he sat down to enjoy a pancake breakfast at home in early January.  The incident was widely publicized and, as a result, the family-friendly restaurant chain stepped up and agreed to host “Pancakes with Penner” to benefit the Kings Care Foundation.

“We are happy to support Dustin Penner and the Kings Care Foundation with ‘Pancakes for Penner,’” said Natalia Franco, IHOP’s senior vice president, marketing.  “The Kings are incredibly involved in the community and their efforts help a lot of meaningful organizations in the Los Angeles area. All of us at IHOP are also devoted to giving back to the communities in which we operate.”

Fans can purchase different levels of opportunity prize packs with the chance to have “Pancakes with Penner” at lakings.com/pancakes.  A $10 package includes a Dustin Penner signed player card and one chance to win tickets to the pancake breakfast; a $25 package includes a Dustin Penner signed player card, two pairs of LA Kings eye black and three chances to win tickets to the pancake breakfast; and a $50 package includes a Dustin Penner signed player card, two pairs of LA Kings eye black, a Hockey Fights Cancer LA Kings hockey glove key chain and seven chances to win tickets to the pancake breakfast.  All proceeds will benefit the Kings Care Foundation, which provides educational and recreational opportunities to kids throughout the Los Angeles area.

For more information, complete rules and to purchase a chance to have “Pancakes with Penner,” please visit lakings.com/pancakes.  The opportunity drawing is sponsored solely by the LA Kings; IHOP only serves as the host for “Pancakes with Penner.”

Fantasy Hockey Experiment – Update

I wrote back in December about my fantasy hockey experiment. You can read it here. But mostly it was about how I have two teams and one I drafted all my favorite players and the second team I drafted all the best players available at that pick. At that time, my “favorites” were in 6th place and slipping and my “best” team was in 4th and doing great.

Well, as of today, my “favorites” is standing strong in the abysmal 9th place out of 14. Acutally, I rose from the 13th spot due to injuries and I had to trade for more favs.

As of today, my “best” team is tied for 1st place out of 14 teams. I have a strong well balanced team. I hate some of my players, but other than that, I think I could take the whole thing!

What have I learned? Unless your favorites are the best, you may have to leave them in the dust to win. Sucks, but such is the way of life.

There’s a lesson for you kids.



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