Dean Lombardi – Should he stay or go?

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  • Played hockey through to University of New Haven
  • Labor Law Attorney from Tulane University
  • General Manager of San Jose Sharks from 1996-2003
  • Scout 2003-2006
  • General Manager of Los Angeles Kings 2006-current



Is it time for Dean Lombardi to go? He came here to a team playing at the bottom of the league and said for us fans to give him 5 years. He started drafting and brought in Terry Murray to see to his young players. Things looked good, the Kings learned to play a defensive game, Murray made Kopitar into one of the best two way players in the league. We moved from that bottom spot to making the playoffs. Everything looked good.

But what happened?

Nothing. That’s what has happened. Not a thing. No one changed or grew. The team became stagnant in a defensive mode. We have great goaltending and great defense. We even have a few great offensive players. But we can’t score. We can’t move up. We are stuck. We as fans wonder why our offensive talent is not playing to their ability. Think about it, we have drilled into these young players minds to protect the net, shut the offense of the other team down, prevent scoring. But these young players have had their own talents stiffled as well. Sure, we have one of the lowest goals against average but we can’t score to win the game.

What to do?

  1. Nothing and keep the Lombardi defense mindset and hope we can shut down the other teams and come out on top by 1-0 or 2-1 games?
  2. Try another coach again?
  3. Fire Lombardi and hope the new GM will put together a more offensive team?

I think we all know that the time is for Dean Lombardi to go. We have waited a long time for our team to move up the line and we want to see a Stanley Cup brought to LA. We are not asking for too much. NO! Just because we are a Southern California team does not mean that we do not want the ultimate prize. Dean Lombardi has done a lot of good for us. Brought us up, brought us good defensive game play. He backs up his team with his words and tries with his actions. It’s time to move on to the next step. Sutter may or may not continue with the Kings if a new GM is brought in, but maybe he will get the chance to coach a more offensive game without Lombardi? I say its worth a try.

We have been together a long time, this LA hockey team and us fans. Since 1967. How much longer do we have to be patient and wait? I’ve come to the conclusion that we are done. Done waiting. Done being patient.

The time is now…right?

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