L.A. King’s Stat and Trade Rumor Rant

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The Kings have scored 1 or fewer goals in 23 games this season.

  • That is essentially a ¼ of all our games that we are just throwing out the window.
  • Since the Kings have played 58 games, the 23 games that they have scored 1 or less goals in so far this season is 40% .
  • 6 goals in the last 11 games

 Jonathan Quick has allowed only 1 goal 10 times this season and still lost.

  • That is 20% of all his games (50) have been lost when he has only let in one goal.
  • Quick has lost 26 games this season and the Kings have scored 29 goals during that time.
  • Quick’s contract is up at the end of the season (please don’t leave us!)

 The Kings were shut out for the 8th time this season

  • Kings were shut out 6 times last season
  • The Kings scoreless streak is now at 120 minutes, 3 seconds

Why am I so mean to put these stats up and make us look at them? Because whether we like it or not, we are in serious trouble this season. We have moved into the 9th place and are now outside looking in. the Kings have dropped to a 39.4% chance of making the playoffs as of noon pst today.

We need to score. We need to trade for a scorer. I really don’t think Rick Nash wants to come to LA as the rumor talks have been heating up on Nash to Rangers or Flyers. Dennis Bernstein from the Fourth Period states on his twitter this morning that the Kings have expanded their offer for Nash to Jonathan Bernier, Jack Johnson, Andrei Loktionov and one or more draft picks. I call this bull you –know-what. If that was tossed to Columbus, Nash would be in a King’s jersey right now. Also, we all know that DL really doesn’t want to trade JJ. Of course just when you think you know something it turns out completely wrong.

I’ve stated before I’d rather have Jeff Carter than Nash on the Kings. Mostly just salary as we have to be honest and say out loud that one player a difference does not make! Tons of rumors of Carter to Toronto. I hope that DL is in on the talks at least. If we cannot get either Nash or Carter this week, then the Kings will wait for offseason and barring a miracle, we will be out of the playoffs. We also could turn to a selling team instead of a buying team if DL can’t get a player by the 27th. Have to wait and see. Exciting isn’t it? 

Don’t get sad:








Get mad!









It’s up to the players now. They can have the crappiest coach in the world, the stupidest GM ever hired and a non-existant owner but it all comes down to one thing: The players. Bring it guys. I have faith.

Go Kings Go!

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