Goodbye Jack MF Johnson – We send our best to you!

Posted on February 23, 2012 by

Well, the trade is done. Jeff Carter is a LA King and our very own JMFJ is a Blue Jacket.

I have mixed emotions.  I”m happy to get Carter, and happy for Richards to have his friend here. I’m happy there is change as I’ve always been that type of “change is good” person. But at the same time, I’m sad that JJ is going and feel a bit choked up about it and I guess that can only be a good sign for Columbus. If we are a bit hardpressed to see him leave and it hurts our heart a little, I hope they understand what they are getting.

Thank you Jack! I loved meeting you at the Meet The Players and you took the time to talk to me. (Even though this is a horrid pic of me, I need to share it so others can see how wonderful you were to stop and take a moment). And that smile! Oh what I would give for those cheek bones! You signed Jack “MF” Johnson on my hubbypats jersey and I can’t tell you how he loved that!

You came to us from Minnesota and you played for U of Michigan. The cold was all you knew until the Kings! I hope that the familiar will help you with this transition. I hope that Columbus knows what a true hockey lover you are. You played over 20 mins a night for the Kings and when Drew Doughty was out injured, you stepped up and shined! I hope for you and Ohio that you will shine for them and they will appreciate you as we have. But remember, we have never taken you for granted.



What a shot! Your one timer from the blue line seemed like it could go through the player who tried to block it! I love your toughness you bring every night and will miss it the most. I know that we have a plethera of defensive players just chomping at the bit to play, but there is only one Jack MF Johnson.








<——- This.  This is John Joseph Louis “Jack” Johnson III.






Congratulations Columbus Blue Jackets!

JJ – I wish you nothing but luck in the future and hope you always know you are loved by the King’s fans.

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