L.A. Kings – 2 Games Left – Congratulations to Quick and King’s Playoff Chances

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Last night Jonathan Quick earned a league leading 10 shutouts for this season. So far. NHL.com actually came out today and gave him their pick for the Vezina.  The Vezina Trophy is given to the most outstanding goaltender and the winner is voted by the general managers of the NHL teams. If you want to read their reasons, you can click here for the info. But we don’t need to go anywhere to read why Quick should win the best goalie award – we have lived it this season. We watched as he stopped puck after puck from going in his net. Amazing “shake your head with wonder” saves.

The Kings looked so good at the start of the season and for reasons we won’t rehash here, they became discombobulated and the confidence fell through the floor. After roster changes, coach changes and just time needed to gel, Jonathon Quick kept them in the game. Over and over. Lets also not forget how many times he was on the losing end of a 1-0 game! Our offense couldn’t help so Quick did something about it – he got better. He has been the Los Angeles Kings.  Oh he won’t say it and probably doesn’t even think it, but it’s true. He has been the heart and glue for this team this season. Because of his hard work and dedication, Jonathan Quick should hands down win the Vezina trophy. And if he doesn’t? That’s OK. He’s young and there are plenty of years ahead of him where he will only excel more. And the greatest part is he is ours. He is a King, our King.

We have two games left this season. Only two! A lot of you have asked how we know if we make the playoffs and where will we end up, etc. So lets take a look. Notice below that you have the team’s name, how many games they have played and how many points they have accumulated. The first place team for each division will be the top three teams. That is why the Kings are in 3rd (1st in the Pacific) even though Detroit has 6 points more than them. The “y” means that team is the leader and no one can get more points than them in that particular division.  Vancouver won the NW division and St. Louis won the Central division. That only leaves the Pacific division to battle it out. Take a look at the teams below.

Here are the standings for the Western Conference:

Western Conference
 Team GP Pts
 1. y-Vancouver 79 107
 2. y-St. Louis 79 106
 3. Los Angeles 80 93
 4. x-Detroit 79 99
 5. x-Nashville 79 98
 6. x-Chicago 80 98
 7. Phoenix 79 91
 8. San Jose 79 90
 9. Dallas 79 89
 10. Colorado 80 88
 11. Calgary 80 86
 12. Minnesota 79 78
 13. Anaheim 79 77
 14. Edmonton 80 73
 15. Columbus 79 61
 * = Division Leader

This is where it gets a bit complicated. First off there are two games left in the season and a total point gain of 4 points. So for instance, Colorado has 88 points. If they win their last two games they can only achieve 92 points. So we already have them beaten even if they win. Basically, they are out. Any team with 89 or above points can catch us even if we did not win another game.  Note also that Phoenix, San Jose and Dallas all have 3 games left. All three teams are playing tonight, San Jose and Dallas against each other! We want San Jose to win so that Dallas cannot catch us even if they win their last two games. Phoenix is playing Columbus tonight and its obvious we want Columbus to win. 

So where do we stand? Well, we won’t really know until tomorrow after the games are played and everyone is even. But it does all come down to one thing: The Kings need to win our last two games. If we win, it doesn’t matter what anyone else does because we will be the Pacific Champs and 3rd in the Conference.

Whew! Hope you got that all!

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