It’s Great To Be A Los Angeles King’s Fan!

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You’ve read all about the Game and how the Kings are leading the series against Vancouver 3 games to zero. So I wanted to share a different prospective of  the game last night. The prospective of a King’s fan. The atmosphere in Staples was electric. The fans brought it loud and hard last night and Vancouver didn’t stand a chance. I’m not talking about the game, I’m talking about the people. We all converged into L.A. our hearts beating fast with excitement. This was it! We made the playoffs and it’s our first game at home – bring it!


So of course that means paint the windows on your car! I’m not a very good artist and especially with window chalk, but we painted the car before we left for Staples.






Not sure who’s in the lineup? I fixed that for ya. (yes, I have #32 up there, it just didn’t make it in the frame)



I love watching the game from my couch in the living room. I bought a nice tv just for that reason. But truly there is nothing like watching the game live among all my fellow King’s fans. I unfortunately found myself sitting next to a Vancouver fan. BUT! as I groaned about it as I made my way past Tom Arnold and company, one of the guys there let me know its ok because she is hot. So see? I don’t have to worry cuz she’s hot. Sigh.

So I decided to be nice and ask if she flew down in which she informed me that she lives here in LA. So I promptly turned my back on her. She was insulted. I know this because she told me. She told me she was born in Canada so she can root for the Nucks. I politely informed her I was born in Canada too and will support my home team like a good fan and not a band-wagoner. Things went down from there. I say it went down not because of me, no, the hottie decided to drink too much and not sit down because she was entitled to see her team. Hahahahahaha. Anyway, after the season ticket holders had her politely removed and talked to by the red coats and cops, she came back and sulked the whole game. Which if you know me, just added to the overall winning of the night. Oh and Thank’s to Russell’s wife for saying it like it is!

The rest of the game was a nail biter. The Kings went through I think half the first period without a shot on goal. We all nervously waited. Which game would this be? Who would step up? The first playoff game Mr. Richards stepped it up and made a difference. Game two Mr. Brown brought it like a captain should. Game three was not left to the offense or defense – but to Mr. Jonathan Quick. Vancouver skated and we defended. Vancouver hit and we responded. The Nucks shot and Quick stopped them. All this talk of a Vezina trophy and if Quick is worthy? Not wondering any more. There is NO ONE in the NHL who can say that Jonathan Quick is nothing but the real thing – A solid #1 Goalie.




Pandemonium doesn’t accurately describe the feeling moving through the crowd in staples as the buzzer ran out and everyone realized we were 3-0 in the series. I’ve never screamed so much in my life! We jumped and high-fived and even hugged our neighbors. Everyone feeling the same emotions – did that just happen?


We King’s fans have a love for our team that is  unmatched. We do not live in a traditional hockey town. Our citizens have 100 plus more things to do at any given moment than go to a hockey game. We can surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon. So when you have 18 thousand or so fans all in one place to watch their team play, you know its real.

The game over, we moved with the crowd outside where PON and Foxy tried to have the after talk show. Tried I say because I cannot imagine how they could hear themselves speak with all the yelling going on. After the crowd moved to the USA chant, we moved on ourselves. No use to let them  know a lot of the team in not American, but hey, they were in a happy mood and wouldn’t care. LA Live continued the party as fans spilled out of the restaurants. We walked to our car and met up with our local homeless guy who watches our lot. He said we would sweep the series and then gave us a little crap for being late last week that he missed us. I tipped him an extra buck for the missed night and he pocketed it and rode his bike away down the street into the darkness.

Such is the wonderful life of a King’s fan.

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