You Know You Are a Mom Who Watches Too Much Hockey When:

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You switch players names for regular words:

Son:  I feel sick.

Mom:  (feeling head for temperature) You ok? Do you feel like you have to chara?


Mom:  Dammit! Why does the cat have to chara in the house?



  • Your kids will not be in the same room as you during a hockey game because last time someone scored and you made them stay in the room for 2 hours for good luck.
  • Your kids know they can’t ask you for a ride anywhere on game day due to excessive beer consumption during games.  ;-)
  • You know to never have your child picked up by another kid’s parent during a game. This is due to the fact you are engrossed in the game and in-between periods you remember that someone picked your kid up but you can’t remember who or, sometimes, which kid.
  • Your husband and you know that both cannot attend your child’s open house due to playoffs. So you flip for it and the winner gets to stay and watch the game.
  • Your kids know what’s for dinner according to the game time. Early games are late b-b-q and late games are usually crock-pot or long cooking stews and soups.
  • Your son automatically hands over the laptop before game time with it set on’s GDT.
  • Your kids aren’t even embarrassed in front of their friends anymore when their friends see mom and dad in the living room wearing the team jersey’s making empty beer pyramids on the coffee table.


Sadly, these are all true.  At least you know your handing down the love of the game to your kids and when they grow up and do the same thing, we will know in our hearts the hockey fan has been preserved.

Oh and that flag in front of the house pictured above? Yup, ours.

Go Kings Go!

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