Game Preview – Kings vs Canucks (Game 4)

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Vancouver’s hopes are all on the head of one man – Daniel Sedin. This is a mistake. Not only should you never count on just one person to save your whole series, but seriously? I have no love for the Sedin twins, but this man has had a horrible concussion and has been out due to symptoms and they are going to bring him in against us in a possible elimination game? Think about it.

There are two ways this is going to go tonight. One – Daniel Sedin has been medically released, he will play and all if fine. Two, Daniel Sedin will not play tonight but will be there as support and a moral boost for the team. If Vancouver is smart, they use option two. But what happens if they choose option one? Well, that’s good for us all the way around. The Nucks will have a shakeup in the lineup and will not play well in just one game back together. Plus there will be hesitation on D Sedin as no one wants to hit him, but if he’s cleared, chances are he will get roughed up a bit and everyone will concentrate on that and not the game. Advantage Kings. If they pick option two and Daniel sits, well, we have been doing well against that Daniel-less team so far. Advantage Kings.

Here are a few observations from around the web from Vancouver regarding Daniel Sedin playing tonight:

  • (From - The Canucks desperately need Daniel Sedin to return. They need his goal scoring. They need his puck possession capabilities. They need his magic with his twin brother. They need his production on the power play. They need everything that Daniel brings to the ice. Because everything that he brings is what the Canucks have been missing.

In their opinion, Daniel Sedin = God. This almost makes me want him to play tonight to see if the above happens. I love a good miracle.

  • (From - While the Canuck fan in me is excited at Daniel Sedin’s potential return to the lineup, the hockey fan and guy who’s suffered concussions is terrified at the thought. You think this stretch has been concerning? Imagine a loss of our best player for the length of time the Penguins lost Sidney Crosby. Or worse. Even if Daniel gets cleared for tonight’s game, it’s hardly a sign that he’s in the clear. Much like the future of this club should this disastrous start come to it’s wretched climax tonight, it’s cloudy at best.
Someone is taking this seriously at least. And see what I mean about if Daniel plays, their heads may not be completely in the game due to hesitation for D. Sedin.
  • (From The – How Vancouver is going to win the series against LA.Ryan Kesler. Let’s face it, everyone already hates you right now, so you’re the man for the job. When you score in game 4, AND YOU WILL SCORE IN GAME 4, I want you to do a backflip followed by a short light sabre routine with your hockey stick. The minute you do this, the Canucks will go on to win the game by five goals, guaranteed.
 The rest of the article is really funny so if you get a chance, check it out.

Vancouver is worried they will get swept and out of the playoffs, the Kings worry they will somehow screw up and lose the whole thing, the fans of both teams are just plain worried. It’s the strangest series that I can recall in a long time. The most worrisome series in the history of hockey? Well, probably not, but it feels that way! So what do the Kings need to do to win this series? Do exactly what they have been doing all along. Keep their composure and keep the penalties down. Stay on them so they get frustrated and their penalties go up. Keep the puck in their zone.
Take this seriously. Play a clean hard game. Come out fast and strong. Watch Quick’s back. That’s how we will win.

Quick in goal for us and Schneider in for Vancouver. It looks like Richardson will play tonight so Lokti is back on the bench with Westgarth. I’m not sure where Sutter will put Richardson, so I’ll just trade him out for Loktionov on the fourth line for now.

Kings Lineup

# 23 Brown– # 11 Kopitar –  # 14 Williams

# 74 King– # 10 Richards – # 77 Jeff Carter

# 25 Penner –  # 28 Stoll – # 22 Lewis

# 15 Richardson – # 24 Fraser – # 71 Nolan

# 7 Scuderi – # 8 Doughty

# 33 Mitchell – # 26 Voynov

# 27 Martinez –# 2 Greene

# 32 Quick

# 45 Bernier

Vancouver Canucks

#21 Mason Raymond – #33 Henrik Sedin – #14 Alexandre Burrows
#40 Maxim Lapierre – #17 Ryan Kesler – #7 David Booth
#20 Chris Higgins – #26 Samuel Pahlsson – #36 Jannik Hansen
#27 Manny Malhotra – #25 Andrew Ebbett – #32 Dale Weise

#2 Dan Hamhuis – #3 Kevin Bieksa
#23 Alexander Edler – #6 Sami Salo
#29 Aaron Rome – #8 Christopher Tanev

#35 Cory Schneider

#1 Roberto Luongo

Go Kings Go!!
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