Game Preview – Kings vs Canucks (Game 5)

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The Kings are back in Vancouver hoping to eliminate the Canucks tonight and move on to the 2nd round of the playoffs. What do the Kings need to do to beat Vancouver tonight and eliminate them all together? We need to make the Nucks mad.

They are having a hard time right now and moving people around the lines. And it doesn’t sound like anyone’s happy. They are trying a new 2nd line tonight and its Burrows-Kesler-Lapierre. All three are known for being hot heads. ”It’s a little different,” Burrows said about the new line combination. ”But at the same time, we’re in a tough spot right now. We’re trying to do whatever’s best for the team. Whatever the coaching staff feels is right to do, we’re more than willing to do it.” He doesn’t sound happy does he?

How about the talk? Lapierre had a reputation as a chirper. But Vigneault said the coaching staff has made it clear that he needs to keep his mouth closed. ”He’s been told to shut up and play,” Vigneault said. ”That’s what we expect of him.”

And you all know about Kesler. With those two playing with him, it will be easy to get them rattled. They will feed off each other. I hope someone in the Kings locker room is letting everyone know to get under their skin and put them off their game. Ok, whats next?

Goaltending. Specifically Schneider. He has been playing really well against us and even though we get a lot of shots on goal, we have to get in his face more. More traffic in front of him. If  Schneider can see the puck, he can stop it. But he also gives up rebounds. So we need to be right in front of him to get the garbage goal. Lots of shots, lots of traffic.

The Sedins. Having Daniel back gave the Nucks confidence and a boost they badly needed to stay in the series. We seemed to politely move out of his way. We gave them big open spaces to move and shoot. That cannot continue. Now that Daniel has been cleared and played and all is fine, we can move on him hard again. Not be scared to scramble his brain. So tough play against those two. Break down their creepy hockey telepathy.

What about us? What do we need to bring to the table tonight? We have to find a way to get Kopitar out from their shadowing and double pairing. But the fact of the matter is that is a hard thing to do. So this is where Brown and Williams need to step up and when they have the odd man advantage – drive to the net and shoot. I’d like to see some cross ice passing from this line.

Carter mentioned that this extra time was good for his ankle as well as for the other guys who are battered as well. So I say no excuses. I want goals from Richards and Carter. That’s what we pay them for – bring it. No crappy neutral zone play or turnovers. This goes for the defense as well. I want, no – need, Doughty to play like a guy who can earn his money. I want to see that Norris trophy finalist out on the ice tonight. No give-ups. No long wind-ups. No hesitation.

We can do this Kings fans. We can wrap it up tonight. I’m looking forward to a hard played Game. Let’s go Kings!!

Quick in goal and everything else in the lineup is the same. Sure would like Westgarth to get a few minutes but Sutter doesn’t seem to agree. Might be nice to have a little toughy out there to mix it up and shake them.

Kings Lineup

# 23 Brown– # 11 Kopitar –  # 14 Williams

# 74 King– # 10 Richards – # 77 Jeff Carter

# 25 Penner –  # 28 Stoll – # 22 Lewis

# 15 Richardson – # 24 Fraser – # 71 Nolan

# 7 Scuderi – # 8 Doughty

# 33 Mitchell – # 26 Voynov

# 27 Martinez –# 2 Greene

# 32 Quick

# 45 Bernier

Vancouver Canucks

#22 Daniel Sedin – #33 Henrik Sedin – #7 David Booth
#40 Maxim Lapierre – #17 Ryan Kesler – #14 Alexandre Burrows
#20 Chris Higgins – #26 Samuel Pahlsson – #36 Jannik Hansen
#21 Mason Raymond – #27 Manny Malhotra – #9 Zack Kassian

#2 Dan Hamhuis – #3 Kevin Bieksa
#23 Alexander Edler – #6 Sami Salo
#4 Keith Ballard – #8 Christopher Tanev

#35 Cory Schneider
#1 Roberto Luongo

Go Kings Go!

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