Kings Defenseman of My Dreams – Willie Mitchell

Posted on April 29, 2012 by

So, here we go! On our way to game 2, second round, Stanley Cup Playoffs, 2012. And of course everyone is talking about how great Kopitar, Brown, Quick and Voynov are. Helene Elliot extolled all their virtues today in the Los Angeles Times. But I have had my eye on Willie Mitchell for quite a while now. He’s big (6 ft 3), he’s strong and he’s a great looking guy. But what I was watching for was his mentoring skills. The fact that he is 34 and has played enough games here and in Canada makes him a perfect teacher for the younger players. Voynov is lucky to have him by his side. There is something about that quiet strength which seems to be overlooked by all the pundits. I can’t quote stats here because I don’t have the expertise that our gurus have . I leave all of that to Tracykingslover, Bev and HockeyJockey. But I do know that Mitchell has contributed mightily to every team he has played on. He just seems to do his job quietly and efficiently and never really gets the mention he deserves. I couldn’t even find a picture of him in a Kings uniform. The only ones I found was of him wearing a Vancouver Canucks outfit. I don’t want to ever see that here on our blog. Anyway, this is short and hopefully a sweet tribute to one of my favorite hockey players; that good Canadian defenseman, Willie Mitchell.


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