Los Angeles Kings – Game 2 – Kings Rock! NBC Announcers Embarrass themselves!

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Ever watch Dancing with the Stars? Well, they have these three judges. I don’t know their names and I’m not going to look them up, but you’ve seen them. On one side is the pretty lady judge, in the middle is the grumpy old judge and on the other side is the jumping up judge. I’m him today. Every time someone brings up the game I start flailing my arms around jumping up and down telling them how marvelous the Kings are. I have to stop that – but not too soon.

I’m putting a few cool pics up here that were on LAKings.com photo section. Just a few of my favorites to share.
We have a few things to talk about. One is the announcing last night. Brian Hayward and Brian Engblom should be embarrassed on how they announced the game.  I hope they watch their tapes and realized their non-professionalism.  If not, they are worse tools than you or I thought.  Who in God’s green earth thought it was a good idea to have Hayward call the Kings game? Actually, you know what they were? They were atrocious! Check out what atrocious means.

This is from Webster’s Dictionary (I changed the examples):

Definition of ATROCIOUS

: extremely wicked, brutal, or cruel : barbaric <Having Hayward call a Kings game is atrocious>
: appallinghorrifying <the NBC announcers during the Kings vs Blues game were atrocious>
a : utterly revolting : abominable <atrocious  biased announcing>b : of very poor quality <atrocious announcers>
— atro·cious·ly adverb
— atro·cious·ness noun

Or how about this gem? One of the announcers, and I can’t remember who so I won’t guess, says this:

“The Kings goalie had a great save!” (He was down on the ice at the time). The Kings goalie. Really? You can’t remember the Kings goalie’s name? Well let me help you.

His name is JONATHAN QUICK and he is up for A VEZINA!

Second, The Blues slit their own throats last night. They needed no help from us. The refs gave them so many chances to get back in the game and they were too disorganized to do anything about it. Crombeen challenged King to a fight to avenge Petrangelo and that was the right thing to do. Of course King practically wrung his neck but they got it out of their system. Wait, what? They didn’t? No, they did not. The Blues just put the hockey game on hold and instead pretty much threw the 2nd game away. I had nothing against the Blues but after last night, they really are getting to me. Playing the “victim” may work for a kid to get their parents to buy them a toy, but it doesn’t sit well in the NHL.

The Kings play at home Thursday and I’ll be there cheering and screaming for our guys. We win two out of the remaining 4 and we make the Western Conference Finals. I think we all can admit it’s really hard to keep our feet on the ground today!

Go Kings!

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