L.A. Kings – A Pictorial of a Game 4 Sweep

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I know we are still reeling from the fantastic win last night and I have the memories ingrained in my brain forever. To be able to experience this game was a highlight reel for the end of your life playbacks. I purposely took a lot of pictures to share after this game whether we won or lost to share with anyone who could not attend. I didn’t really take pictures during the game because, well, I was watching it and jumping up and down throughout.  But I have had ladies (and gents) ask me what is it like? What is the atmosphere like before or after the game. So my pictures are far from fancy but I think it portrays the atmosphere of being at a Los Angeles Kings game.



We have made friends with a man of the street who we give a few bucks a game to watch our car.  Although he is a Devil’s fan first, he is a Kings fan next and he brought his broom for the “sweep” yesterday to share the fun with the fans. He laughed as he told us one lady said to him “are you going to hit me with that?”. He just shook his head – she must not have been a Kings fan.






Staples Center is decorated and all the fans hang around. They have jumpers for the kids and the street is closed for street hockey.






When you get to Staples you wait in line to get in and it looks daunting. But they know how to do it and even this many people only takes a few minutes. Very organized actually. Plus you get excited will all the fans so close and taking pictures.



Once inside Staples everyone mills around and gets drinks or food or meets up with friends and family. We even saw a fellow Kings fan we see occasionally at the games.






Besides the big Store inside Staples, they have a merchandise stand with all the regular products to buy and the added playoff goodies for suckers.





And of course I’m a total sucker so this cute Kings purse is now mine. And for only $24.00!







Next you enter the seating area before the game starts. They show people on the jumbotron and all the rally towels are set on the seats waiting to get waved around. This is outside 101.






People take their seats and the Flags display waiting for the National Anthem to be sung. Pia Toscano sang for us and she was great. She also sang first round – so she is now officially our playoff anthem singer. Actually, I think she may have sung during the last playoffs too.



Pregame interviews with the players are shown on the jumbotron. These are fun and you get to know the players a bit.





Next its the opening face off and the game begins!



Supposedly if you were a good blogger, and apparently I’m not, but if you were good you would take pictures during the game. I tried. I really did! It’s just you get so swept up in the game that you forget to take pictures. Or if you do try they are just blurry because you are jumping up and down and cameras do not take good pictures while they are being waved in the air.



But in between periods they do fun things like sumo hockey. Just wanted to share that with you.



Now the game is over and the Kings win and the place is crazy! Streamers fall from the rafters as fans wave towels and scream and tears fall. This is not my picture as I was screaming and jumping at the time but it shows how exciting and amazing it was at that moment. (pic is from NHL.com)

The Kings lined up and congratulated their goalie and each other before the handshake with the St. Louis Blues. Everyone was still screaming and during the handshake the fans chanted Go Kings Go!




Here are a few pictures of outside Staples Center with all the fans cheering in the streets:





















Here are a few videos of the end of the game that I found and everyone should see. This is a short clip of how loud fans were after the Brown empty net goal. Check out how high Kopi jumps on Brownie!

Longer for those who want more:

It was an incredible day and a wonderful experience. We can’t wait for the next round to start and see our boys in the Western Conference Finals. I hope this showed what going to a game is like for us Kings fans if even a little. Time to recharge and rest for what is to come.

So what did we do when we got home? Watched the NJ/Philly game of course.

Go Kings Go!

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