“Morrissey family is ready for the Kings to win the Stanley Cup” – From the Los Angeles Times!

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From the Los Angeles Times this morning:   :)

Brownie and I hanging.

“Morrissey family is ready for the Kings to win the Stanley Cup”

By Andrew Owens

June 6, 2012, 5:10 p.m.

Tracy Morrissey has been a Los Angeles Kings fan since she was 7-years-old, when the franchise had only been in existence for three years.

“Basically forever,” as her husband, Patrick, put it.

She stuck with the team through the brightest and bleakest of seasons. Now, she says she’s ready for a Stanley Cup.

“This is amazing,” said Tracy, who runs a blog about the Kings. “All day long my heart was racing, I thought I was having a mini-heart attack. I had to get out of work.”

The Morrisseys have season tickets and have been to each of the home playoff games during the Kings’ run through the postseason.

“It would be incredible if we could win tonight and see it,” she said.

She said they were unable to go to any of the Stanley Cup Final games in 1993, but not because of a lack of interest.

“We were young,” she said. “We had babies then. We didn’t have money.”

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