The Los Angeles Kings Forgotten Fan

Posted on June 15, 2012 by

I would like to pay tribute to the forgotten Los Angeles Kings fan. You know who they are. They are the ones who stayed with you through the long season of ups and downs of what is now our beloved hockey team. The ones who gave up Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and Snooky’s pregnancy announcement in order to support you in your never ending quest for Jonathon Quick to be nominated for the Vezina trophy. The ones who planned dinner around every game so you would never miss a minute of play. We suffered with you, cheered with you and eventually got suckered in to the this weird and  wonderful world of  hockey. You promised us nothing but gave us all the joy and sorrow of watching a team become the best of the best.

Now you retreat into your own insulated world of “The Long Time Fan who has Suffered so Much” to achieve the Stanley Cup.  As lonely and disenfranchised as you felt through all those years of longing, is how we feel now. We want to feel included in your victory lap. We deserve it, we have earned it just as you have. Lock us out and you will feel the pain that we feel in not being included, feeling like an intruder into your world instead of a stead fast  friend who now knows the joy of watching our team play the greatest sport on earth.  Just sayin!


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