LA Kings – My Clip of the Cup, Jumbotron Video & Playoff Recap Video

Posted on June 19, 2012 by

I just had to share these wonderful videos. Just when you think you can’t get a lump in your throat anymore – that you are lumped out, along comes the video that The Mouth made over at Crowned Royal. What a fantastic job! This rivals the pros and this has more heart:

The next one is from Staples and was played on the Jumbotron  pre-games during the playoffs. It was really effective seeing the players as children to adults playing the game they love. The blackout section in the middle for a few seconds then records the after pictures of winning the Stanley Cup. Great for those of you who could not make the games. Hopefully you can see what we felt a bit as our players came out on the ice and the aftermath of the win.

I can’t embed the video like the above due to it being from NHL, but you can click on the link and go to Hammond’s site where he has it as well as a replay from the rally:

And a little one of mine that you can’t even hear or see that well, but it gives you a sense of what it felt like when they brought the cup out to the ice. And try to ignore the guy with the hand in my view for a few seconds there.

I just do not want to stop partying!!! I’m going to revel in this for the whole summer!

Go Kings!



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