Dustin Brown, Coach Sutter and Few Fun Pics with the Stanley Cup

Posted on July 30, 2012 by

I thought I’d share a few pictures of Dustin Brown and Coach Sutter during their day with the Stanley Cup (and a few odd pics that we had to share!). You can find these all over the internet but since we are slow I thought I’d put a few together in one place for your viewing pleasure. You can  also check out the Hockey Hall of Fame Journal for updates on the cup’s summer journey with the Kings.

***Remember to watch Olympic Water Polo when you get a craving for hockey. Go USA Water Polo

Let’s start with our captain, Dustin Brown as he shares his cup in his hometown, Ithaca, NY. Love him shopping with the cup!


Here is Coach Sutter with the cup up at the Farm. There is something very odd about the Stanley Cup and hay…



Of course we have to share a few fun pics I found on the internet. Below are a few. Check out Quick’s cake . So cool!




There are tons more if you feel like looking. If you find any funny ones – send our way!

Go Kings!


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