(UPDATED) ESPN3 Will Show KHL Games! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I’m dying for hockey.

Right when I think I might just storm the NHL offices and punch everyone in the head, we get a little bit of sunshine news today. ESPN3 will broadcast 5 Kontinental Hockey League (Russia) games in the next two weeks, and more as the season goes on.

We can follow a few of our beloved NHL players as they play with the KHL. Ok, not our King’s beloved players, but it’s still hockey.

I’ll even be OK with watching Ovechkin and Datsyuk! Anything please!

Oh, and doesn’t this just get Bettman in the butt. That’s just an added plus…hee hee.

Here’s a look at the upcoming schedule but I do not know the times as of yet :

  • Dynamo Moscow vs. Ak Bars Kazan on Oct. 3rd
  • Lev Praha vs. SKA St. Petersburg on Oct. 6th
  • Slovan Bratislava vs. Dynamo Moscow on Oct. 7th
  • CSKA Moscow vs. SKA St. Petersburg on Oct. 8th
  • Lev Praha vs. Dynamo Moscow on Oct. 9th

***There is a rumor out that the first game tomorrow, will air at around 7:45 Pacific Time. I’ll have to look more into this and I’m sure we will hear more as the day goes on.

More info here: http://bloguin.com/puckdrunklove/

Love the Logo!!!

Welcome back Hockey! Even if its just a little. <3


Looks like unless you have Cox or Time Warner, you can only get ESPN3 online. Now, the games should be on there to watch later in the evening as the game tomorrow is at 7:45 am pst.

So what to do?

* You can watch online live in the morning

* You can hook your laptop or computer up to your tv in the evening and watch

* best bet! If you have a kid in the house with xbox 360, they can download the ESPN app and you can watch the replay from the app on your tv. Just easier if you do not have cables for computer to tv.

We’ll have to work it out. This is just the first game so people will be online twitter, blogs, news, etc telling us how we can watch and the various ways to get hockey on our TV again.  I’ll try the xbox one or even online later, but hopefully ESPN will change to ESPN2 or the stupid lockout will be over hopefully by the Winter Classic.

Either way, we have to be creative to watch a bit of puck, eh?


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