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I started watching college hockey last season. Uverse and the NHL channel had a falling out and we lost the NHL channel (still gone) so I started channel surfing. Lo and behold, I landed on a hockey game between Harvard and Yale. I was so enamored with it that I wrote a post to share on this blog. You can check it out here if you want. I went on to watch games when the Kings were not playing and they were televised. Not many, but enough to fall a little in love.

With the lockout and ESPN sucking at televising the KHL games, I thought I’d do a little research and try to understand a bit more about college hockey. First off, it is enormous!!! Just the Division I teams are so numerous I’d never know all they players and that doesn’t even include Division II or Division III. So let’s start out smaller with just Division I. I encourage you to go look around and find the teams that are near you and familiarize yourself with them and support your local teams. But for purposes of starting out watching college hockey, I’m sticking to Division I.

There are around 138 colleges and universities with a hockey team. Division I is the top tier with 59 teams and is divided into 5 conferences. Here is a list for you:

  • Atlantic Hockey
  1. Air Force
  2. American International
  3. Army
  4. Bentley
  5. Canisius
  6. Connecticut
  7. Holy Cross
  8. Mercyhurst
  9. Niagara
  10. RIT
  11. Robert Morris
  12. Sacred Heart

  • CCHA
  1. Alaska
  2. Bowling Green
  3. Ferris State
  4. Lake Superior
  5. Miami
  6. Michigan
  7. Michigan State
  8. Northern Michigan
  9. Notre Dame
  10. Ohio State
  11. Western Michigan

  • ECAC Hockey
  1. Brown
  2. Clarkson
  3. Colgate
  4. Cornell
  5. Dartmouth
  6. Harvard
  7. Princeton
  8. Quinnipiac
  9. Rensselaer
  10. St. Lawrence
  11. Union
  12. Yale

  • Hockey East
  1. Boston
  2. Boston University
  3. Maine
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Umass Lowell
  6. Merrimack
  7. New Hampshire
  8. Northeastern
  9. Providence
  10. Vermont

  • WCHA
  1. Alaska
  2. Bemidji
  3. Colorado
  4. Denver
  5. Michigan Tech
  6. Minnesota
  7. Minnesota Duluth
  8. Minnesota State
  9. Nebraska
  10. North Dakota
  11. St. Cloud
  12. Wisconsin

***2 more teams of Penn State and Alabama-Huntsville are Independent and although qualify for NCAA, they are not in the above conferences.

For the LA Kings, we have drafted the following players:

Name…………………………………..College………………………..Draft Year……..Round..Overall………

Dowd, Nic St. Cloud State 2009 7 198
Forbort, Derek North Dakota 2010 1 15
Gravel, Kevin St. Cloud State 2010 5 148
Lowry, Joel Cornell 2011 5 140
Mersch, Michael Wisconsin 2011 4 110
Shore, Nick Denver 2011 3 82

College Hockey News has the complete list of all drafted players here.
 The season started Oct 6, 2012 and here is a list of the 2012-2013 schedule over at College Hockey News. But for me, I want to know when I can watch the games on TV. Again, CHN seems to have the best lists for what I want to know, so here is the list for all the televised games. As an example, here is October’s schedule:

Game Date Time Station DTV DishN
Windsor vs. Michigan Oct. 9 7:35 ComLocal
Notre Dame vs. Maine Oct. 12 6:00 nbcsn 603 151
Connecticut vs. Massachusetts Oct. 12 7:00 CBS3
St. Cloud State vs. New Hampshire Oct. 12 7:00 WBIN 50
FCSp 617
Army vs. Nebraska-Omaha Oct. 12 9:00 nbcsn 603 151
Niagara vs. Michigan State Oct. 19 7:00 ComLocal
Boston University vs. New Hampshire Oct. 20 7:00 WBIN 50
Northeastern vs. New Hampshire Oct. 26 7:00 WBIN 50
Maine vs. Providence Oct. 26 7:00 CoxNE
Miami vs. Michigan Oct. 26 7:35 ComLocal
Boston University vs. Massachusetts Oct. 27 7:00 CBS3
New Hampshire vs. Northeastern Oct. 27 7:00 WBIN 50
Maine vs. Providence Oct. 27 7:00 CoxNE

 What’s cool is you can change the schedule by date, channel and team. Most of the teams are local and not available to the larger market. I see that NBC Sports is on the list and that is my channel so I changed it up to show me only the games I can see:

NBC Sports Network (, ) … DirecTV: 603 … Dish: 151
Notre Dame vs. Maine Oct. 12 6:00
Army vs. Nebraska-Omaha Oct. 12 9:00
Harvard vs. Cornell Nov. 16 7:00
Boston College vs. Boston University Nov. 30 7:30
Wisconsin vs. Denver Nov. 30 7:37
Boston University vs. Boston College Dec. 1 7:30
Michigan State vs. Notre Dame Dec. 7 7:05
Colorado College vs. Nebraska-Omaha Jan. 4 7:37
Union vs. Princeton Jan. 11 7:00
Nebraska-Omaha vs. Denver Jan. 11 7:37
Harvard vs. Yale Jan. 18 7:00
Yale vs. Cornell Jan. 25 7:00
Dartmouth vs. Union Feb. 1 7:00
North Dakota vs. Nebraska-Omaha Feb. 8 7:37
Boston University vs. Maine Feb. 15 7:30
Yale vs. Quinnipiac Feb. 22 7:00
North Dakota vs. Denver Feb. 22 7:37
Wisconsin vs. Nebraska-Omaha Mar. 1 7:37
Maine vs. New Hampshire Mar. 8 7:30

Looks like I’ll be watching two games on Friday night! Woo hoo! Double check the times as they say they are local. A quick check on your channel selector will help so you don’t miss any games. Remember to DVR the ones you can’t see live for later viewing.

I hope the above will help you out on your journey to becoming a College Hockey Fan. I’m ready. Let’s learn together.


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