KHL On ESPN = Bust

Posted on October 10, 2012 by

Wow, that.. was…bizarre. I was ready to watch the game last night and believe me, I’m grateful for any hockey on right now, but Yikes! Really? ESPN condensed the game into half its time. So you are watching it and with around 15 mins left in the period, all of a sudden they say something like, “due to time constraints we will skip to the end of the period”. And there you are all of a sudden at 5 minutes left. What? Horrible. Supposedly they played the whole game at its original time in the early afternoon but guess what? I was at work. Oh well, lesson learned. Remember to tape the broadcast before you leave in the morning.

Melrose and Levy should just stop talking immediately. All they did was discuss everything but the game on the ice. Where is the play by-play? They mostly discussed the lockout and Ovechkin. Not what you want to hear during the game. They were just not good. At all.  Instead, it would have been interesting to learn a bit more about the players on the ice. A little research would have helped immensely.

I for one was happy to watch the game even if it was concentrated.  But at the same time I really am miserable knowing my team will not be playing next week like it should.

What’s a hockey fan to do? Bring on College Hockey Baby!

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