Piece made in commemoration of Wayne's Gretzky's 802nd goal, now in permanent display in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Remember when he used to play for the L.A. Kings? Yeah, we do too.

Our Kings Hockey for Women, an L.A. Kings fan blog, was created by the following three women.

1.  Tracy, our L.A. Kings Super-Fan, who will help us to understand what is going on before and throughout the season.

2.  Mary, our novice and blog administrator, who will summarize what we discuss on our Kings Hockey for Women radio show on BlogTalkRadio Show each week over here on our blog, and

3.  Noreen, our color commentator and hockey fan from the days when the Montreal Canadiens ruled the world and she lived in Montreal.

All three also participate in a weekly show “Kings Hockey for Women” that airs LIVE each Friday at 2 p.m. pst and 5 p.m. est on BlogTalkRadio.com. These shows are also available anytime for your listening pleasure, or you can get a full update right here on our blog 24/7.

It’s the Hockey pre-season, and we are READY!

September 21, 2011

Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick during warmup prior to a National Hockey League game against the Calgary Flames in Calgary. Photo by Resolute.

Join super-fan Tracy and novice Mary as the 2011-2012 Los Angeles Kings hockey season unfolds, right here on our blog, and on our radio show The Mary & Tracy Show on BlogTalkRadio. We’ll be joined by Noreen for color commentary each week as the season progresses. By the end of the season, we’ll all be Kings’ Super-fans!

The pre-season schedule runs through October 4, the season officially begins October 7, and we’ll begin our coverage with our radio show on Friday, September 23.   Everybody is welcome to tune in each Friday at 2 p.m. pst/5 p.m. est. or just catch up with us here as we blog throughout the week.  The radio show will also be available for your listening pleasure by podcast anytime after each show too. This blog, of course, is available to you right here 24/7.

We’re excited!

This show is a fan-created blog and radio show only and neither has any affiliation with any official entity.   It’s just for fun, folks!

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